Ye Ol’ Royal Snake Oil

Edzard Ernst calls ’em as he sees ’em.

Britain’s leading alternative medicine researcher has reignited a public row with Clarence House by branding the Prince of Wales a “snake oil salesman”.

Professor Edzard Ernst criticised the heir to the throne for lending his support to homeopathic remedies and for promoting the Duchy Herbals detox tincture.

In a briefing with reporters at the Science Media Centre in London, Ernst warned that “snake oil salesmen are ubiquitous and dangerous”, and named the prince as “one of the most outspoken proponents ofhomeopathy.

Turns out, it’s not even real snake oil! Talk about a scam.

Ernst is co-auther of Trick or Treatment, along with science writer Simon Singh, which I would highly recommend to anyone.

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2 Comments on “Ye Ol’ Royal Snake Oil”

  1. Kassul Says:

    Is it at least highly diluted and properly shaken snake oil? That’d be almost the same thing! I wonder if it’d be a good ointment for my banjo?

    Trick or Treatment has been on my ‘Presents to buy Kassul’ list for a couple years now for birthdays and Christmases and such, haven’t quite gotten it yet.

    *goes back to reading Parasite Rex

  2. Precious Says:

    Do the above mentioned sneowbardors get their passes clipped for entering a closed zone? Were they caught? I read on the other thread that some of the folks on the chair didn’t see anyone out there, and thought it appeared to be a natural slide. Just curious.

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