100 Academics Speaking About God

50 Academics Speaking about God

50 More Academics Speaking about God

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2 Comments on “100 Academics Speaking About God”

  1. juan Says:

    I just have a comment on this: I live in Mexico, and is incredible that we have to accept constant impositions from these narrow-minded fools that manage private schools and even have constructed chappels inside the school campuses (I’m talking about Universities, not even elementary schools, or primary schools, as we call them) considering that according to Mexican laws these actions are illegal, and they force us, the students, to enter and pray for our authorities, or to become responsible students, or any other balloney like that. It’s amazing!! is this still 21st century?

  2. Victor Says:

    I did not know this. Very interesting. Is there any Mexican equivalent to the Freedom From Religion Foundation that fights against stuff like this?

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