In the Shark Eye of the Beholder

This mysterious animal was reportedly caught off the Sea of Cortez. And it is, off course, baffling scientists, as the old addage goes. Amusingly, it has been dubbed “Cycloptomus”

Cute little fellow. He reminds of the large talking eyeball in Monster’s Inc.

So, is this a cryptozoological find, a random mutation, of a hoax? Beats me. I know nothing about sharks, other than what I’ve seen on the Discovery Channel (Shark Week really has Jumped the Shark, hasn’t it?), but cycloptic mutations do happen. Unfortunately, the deformations involved often prove to be fatal to the animal. And this little guy was dead when found. But, I do think it’s a bit odd that this eye looks very little like a shark eye.

Jeff Rotman/Getty Images

And an awful lot like a molded plastic novelty human eye

Just sayin’.

One way or the other, it sure is cute, isn’t it?

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4 Comments on “In the Shark Eye of the Beholder”

  1. Kassul Says:

    I’m no shark expert either, but that’s a pretty unhealthy looking shark. Granted, according to the story he was prematurely pulled from his mother corpse… So, y’know…
    Would be nice if they’d posted pics of the other fetuses they grabbed from the litter.

    Albinism itself is reasonably rare, and for it to occur at the same time that this other mutation happened? Freakish odds.
    Also, if it was an albino, why does it have pigmented eyes?
    Bleh, this story smells fishy to me.

    Yeah, I said it. Someone had to!

  2. Kassul Says:

    Ah, just decided to visit The Omniscient Wikipedia and learned about leucism. Apparently a related syndrome that leads to lightened skin/feathers/hair while sparing eyes.
    So maybe that’s what the shark had instead, not the albinism that the article suggested.
    Hrm. Still seems odd, and googling for that world-renowned Dr. Felipe Galvan seems to mostly bring up pages related to this story, or odd pages that while talking about his work with sharks, also talk about his love for BBQ.

    He is a bit cute if you squint right, I suppose, but if he lived and great up Big and Healthy could you imagine the housing bills? Gonna need a big aquarium for him.

  3. Victor Says:

    “Bleh, this story smells fishy to me.”

  4. Victor Says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t find anything for Dr. Felipe, either. I the “world renown” may have been a bit of an exaggeration. Turns out he’s just the only guy in the neighborhood with an internet connection.

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