Nemesis Death Star De-bunking in the MainStreams

Every once in awhile the main stream press will spend some time correcting highly confused thinking. MSNBC has a piece on Nemesis/Planet X mess. Way to go Alan Boyle.

“Like many other 2012 myths, the Nemesis hypothesis had a smidgen of scientific research behind it. Back in 1984, paleontologists proposed that there seemed to be a 27 million-year cycle of extinctions that may have had an extraterrestrial cause. The prime suspect was a hypothetical brown dwarf or red dwarf that disrupted the orbits of comets on the solar system’s fringe and sent them screaming earthward.
Nemesis has gotten swept up with the Planet X hypothesis, which holds that an as-yet-undetected planet will wreak havoc on Earth ”

“Last year, researchers reported that if the Nemesis companion existed, it wouldn’t orbit in a nice, precise 27 million-year cycle. That study, published in the Royal Astronomical Society Letters, was portrayed as the “final nail in the coffin” for the Nemesis hypothesis. “

Ah, but don’t you see. These “researchers” are only part of the conspiracy, and their little “debunking” of the story only proves that they are covering it up! In fact, it really drives home the truth of the claim. 

Oh, wait a minute. Got caught up in the crazy. Ah, when else can you whip out so many exclamation marks?


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