God of the Week: Nekhbet

09/05/2011: Nekhbet

Nekhbet is an ancient Egyptian, patron god of the city of Nekheb and of Upper Egypt in general. There was an oracle in her honor in Nekheb in which people would seek out for counsel of prophesy. The priestesses there would wear robes of vulture feathers.

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2 Comments on “God of the Week: Nekhbet”

  1. David Says:

    The Egyptian gods are so fascinating, especially their fetishization of death in two of their most powerful symbols – the vulture and the scarab beetle. I remember from my studies in hieroglyphics that Nekheb was occasionally referred to as “Father of Fathers, Mother of Mothers.” It’s also fascinating that the vulture, a carrion eater, would be seen as the “great mother.” Mythology is certainly a window into ancient cultures!

  2. Victor Says:

    Yes, it’s interesting stuff. I didn’t know that about Nekheb’s titles. Funny how a culture’s stories can tell more than a straight history can.

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