Bachmann Adds Anti-Vaxer To Her Resume

Global Warmering denier, anti-gay crusader, creationist, and now Anti-vaxer. Oh, what a lovely set of traits for a wanna be president to have.

“Mrs. Bachmann said on NBC’s “Today” show on Tuesday that after Monday night’s debate in Tampa, Fla., a tearful mother approached her and said her daughter had suffered “mental retardation” after being vaccinated against HPV. “It can have very dangerous side effects,’’ Mrs. Bachmann said.”

In that case, it looks like Mrs Bachmann has had her fair share of the drug (Boom, Crash … Thank you, I’ll be here all week).

Seriously, though. The HPV vaccine did not cause this child’s mental retardation. And an unsubstantiated claim by an unknown person that has never been looked into by anyone isn’t a valid argument, anyway. And Bachmann should know that, what with the medical wiz she’s married to and all.

And the benefits of HPV vacinnes are great: HPVs are the leading cause of cervical cancer (source). And you don’t have to be promiscuous to get one. HPVs are very common. Most sexually active people in the US will acquire an HPV at some point (source). Some cases will go away, others can kill you. The government is well justified adding it to the list of vaccines already required for school children. It’s just good medical practice, and good for US citizens in general. Using vaccines to scare an ignorant and easily scared population into voting for you is just fucking evil.

What do you know, even Rush Limbaugh is calling out Bachmann on her stupid fear mongering remark.

“Bachmann might have blown it, she might have jumped the shark,” Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show. “There’s no evidence that the vaccine causes mental retardation.”

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