God of the Week: Saturn

10/03/2011: Saturn

Saturn is the ancient Roman god of agricutlure. He is often associated with the Greek god Cronus, though, in the pre-Grecian Roman tradition, he was thought of as the ruler of the mythical Golden Age of man.

The native function of Saturnus is transparent in his name, but this was gradually broadened so as to include practically all agricultural operations, his great December festival, the Saturnalia, having for its object the germination of the seed just sown, while the sickle, as his chief symbol, marked his intimate relation to harvesting. For some reason unknown to us he was given a high place in Italic myth, where he was the husband of Ops.

-Mythology of All Races, Vol 1, Greek and Roman

So, let’s all worship Saturn this week. Millions of people have, and, as we all know, that makes it right.

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