Non-Violent Hate Crimes

What do you do when your religious convictions command non-violence … but … you just really really really want to get someone. Turn to Loophole Theology, of course.

The attacks occurred over the past three weeks in Carroll, Holmes, Jefferson and Trumbull counties, which form the heart of Ohio’s Amish population, one of the nation’s largest.

There have been only minor injuries. Each time, beards have been targeted.

“What they’ve been doing to everybody else is shaving the entire head and beard,” Mrs. Miller said. “We believe their intent was to do the same things here.

“They say this is to uncover sins, and it’s to straighten us out.”

So, a break away Amish sect are lynching other Amish, cutting their beards off. That is just a bit bizarre. What made the sect break away to begin with? A major theological disagreement, or were they splitting hairs?

As Weird Al said, “I know I’m a million times as humble as thou art“.

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