One “End of the World” Down …

Now that “Harold Camping’s Half Assed Apocalypse” prediction officially failed (yeah, we were all so worried there for awhile) we’re one “End of the World” down, with two more to go. At least two more in the not to distant future. Apocalypse predictions are like Doritos, they’ll always make more.

  • Oct. 212011, Harold Camping pulls date out of ass (check)
  • 12/21/12, Mayans ran out of room on their calendar, we’re going to die!
  • December 2012, Nibiru (a non-existent planet) collides with Earth (this was originally going to happen in 1999, but has been updated to coincide with the Mayan thing).
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One Comment on “One “End of the World” Down …”

  1. Kassul Says:

    Either way, I’m leaving my Christmas shopping to the last minute. Why bother going through the stress of hiking through malls when Christmas might not even make it? :P

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