Holistic Healer Wins Million Dollar Settlement

How’s this for an odd turn: A “holistic healer” sued KSTP-TV for a news story about her … and won! To the tune of $1,000,000!

The gist of KSTP’s story was that Susan Anderson, then known as Susan Wahl, a Hudson doctor of naturopathy, had “de-prescribed” anti-anxiety medication to Cheryl Blaha. Cheryl Blaha then claimed to KSTP in interviews that she had tried to commit suicide as a result of being weaned from the medicine by Anderson.

Sounds pretty bad. However …

In her suit, Anderson claimed medical records indicated that Blaha’s own medical doctor had reduced the medication and that there was no proof of the alleged suicide attempt, said Patrick Tierney, Anderson’s lawyer.

“That was certainly the heart of it,” Tierney said Monday night. “KSTP bought [Blaha’s story] hook, line and sinker, and that’s what this case was about.”

I’m not a believer in “alternative” medicines, and believe they should be regulated. But, it is important to remember that the practitioners of them may be honest people that believe in their practice, and aren’t out to undermine scientific medicine. Attempts to regulate the practice should be done through industry regulation instead of witch hunts.

Link to full story at Star Trib

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8 Comments on “Holistic Healer Wins Million Dollar Settlement”

  1. Bart Says:

    well..all the suit did was establish she didn’t withdraw the patients prescribed medication.

    The fact that she is likely a witch doctor shaman, providing as much medical benefit as a bag of ashes and eye of newt..whether she believes what she is doing has effacacy or not… wasn’t in contention.

    so she won a suit for liable / defamation. Not exactly an endorsement for her “medical” practice, LOL.

  2. Victor Says:

    True dat. Unfortunately, her and her fellow ‘healers’ will no doubt take it as a vindication of some sort.

  3. susan anderson Says:

    Not looking for anything but the truth here. We offer a relationship through education with nature all of her bounty. Many choose that to enhance their life and health. Lots of Medical doctors follow this way of life and work with us in partnership to enhance and restore the self care needed now. The rest of you do whatever turns your crank.

  4. Victor Says:

    Who’s “we”?

  5. Bart Says:

    Hey Sue,
    You got your $1mm (less 30% for lawyer fees), so wtf do you want from this blog?

    I’m sure that “nature and all her bounty” is happy to supply you with all the raw materials to shove down people’s throats or up their colons, and that you have plenty of rubes willing to accomodate them from both ends.

    For as long as there are desperate and/or unthinking people willing to ignore science and embrace nonsensicle mumbo jumbo, you’ll have a “practice”. So you can stop googling your name and wasting your breath among the thinking.

  6. Brandi Says:

    Why does everyone forget accountability? If you choose to do something based on the expertise of someone else and believe in that course of action – then how can anyone else be liable for what you chose to do? Naturopath? Eh, sure – it has its benefits in some aspects; there are the oatmeal and granola types that swear by it – fine- I hope it works for them. Medicine by an MD or DO, sure- it is more regulated and based in science, and for people like me – the geeks who need case studies, Merck Manual excerpts and LD50 ratings – we find the good, old fashion “Dr. Francis Bacon scientific method” based medicine best.

    I took Chantix that nearly caused me to slit my wrist with a butter knife, I was so whacked out, but why would I hold the doctor or the pharmeceutical company liable for what I CHOSE to take?

    Some times life just sucks. Attacking people you chose to help you along the way ~ just because their advice did not pan out the way you wanted it to ~ does not entitle you to smear their name through the mud in a public forum, broadcasted across your city. Bitch about it privately, stop going to them, report them to the state if you feel you need to- but with cameras and crap? The holistic lady deserves every penny she gets – out of spite against the media, using yellow journalism as a way to sell air time and scare the public into siding with them instead of fact hunting and getting the omniscient view before the story is told.

    Funny Post Script:
    Before I posted, I checked to make sure I had Francis Bacon right – been a while since pre-med in college, haha. Google came up with different ways bacon can heal. Mmmm. This article has gone from opinionated to delicious.

  7. Victor Says:

    “there are the oatmeal and granola types that swear by it”

    Plus, it tastes great. With enough sugar, that is.

  8. Brandi Says:

    Oooh- don’t forget the bacon.

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