God of the Week: Amphitrite

11/14/2011: Amphitrite

Amphitrite was an ancient Greek sea goddess, wife of Poseidon.

As the wife of Poseidon she received many of the honours accorded as a matter of course to the superior divinities. In myth she was the Queen of the Sea, and in reality she seems to have been the sea itself in its aspect as the vast flood of waters which envelops the earth. As to the meaning of her name, we can merely divine, rather than prove, that it refers to this feature of her nature. In the Iliad she is scarcely more than an allegorical figure, while in the Odyssey she has become invested with at least the pattern of a personality, being here regarded as the divine being who sends the monsters of the sea and drives waves against the rocks.

-Mythology of All Races, Volume 1, Greek and Roman

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