Is the “Durupinar Object” Noah’s Ark?

Heard of the Durupinar Object? I hadn’t until recently. But, here it is.

The "Durupinar Object'

The "Durupinar Object' (WikiCommons photo)

It’s a large clod of mud. Which, can be fun in and off themselves. But, the reason why this clod of mud is interesting was because it was mistaken for the remains of of the mythical ‘Noah’s Ark’ by a very silly creationist.

It does look vaguely boat like. Even more so from the other side, where the water that carved it rushed by either side and cut a bow like front end.

The young earth creationist in question is Ron Wyatt. And, when he first learned of this mud clump, he really thought it looked like a boat. And, since in the region of Mount Ararat, it couldn’t be just any boat. It’s Noah’s Ark! And, when he found large ancient stones with holes in the top ‘nearby’, he couldn’t resist calling them for what they were. Anchors! Only, yeah, the stones weren’t right by the “ark”. They were in a nearby village a few miles away. And stones similar to them are to be found all over the region. And they’re carved out of the local rock. And they are engraved with ancient pagan religious texts. Enough to make you think they might just be religious markers.

Other creationists Wyatt contacted  didnt’ seem to be as interested in the object, as Ron was.  The geologist that he invited to investigate the site concluded that it was a natural structure, going so far as authoring a paper called “Bogus ‘Noah’s Ark’ from Turkey Exposed as a Common Geologic Structure”.

A more sane conclusion to draw would be that the Durupinar object may be the natural object that inspired the story of Noah’s Ark. You know, some ancient peoples walking around the desert stumble upon the object and say, “Hey, look, a boat. How’d it get here?”, and hilarity ensues.

That is a more realistic conclusion. But, do we have any evidence of this? Well, not really. Some claim the length of the object, around 300 cubits, is pretty close to what’s stated in the Biblical account. But, there always has been a question if the Biblical ‘cubits’ is the same as the Egyptian ‘cubits’. If it isn’t, then we’re completely out of luck, since that’s the only ‘cubit’ we know the length of. So, big question mark on that.  In fact, we d0n’t even know if the object was visible to anyone before the 20th century. Or, if it even existed in any state. It was uncovered by a heavy rains in 1948. It might have existed, covered or uncovered, a few thousand years ago. But, it might not have.

It is near Mount Ararat, the dormant volcano often thought to be the resting place of the Ark. Though, the Bible story actually says ‘the mountains of Ararat’, referring to the entire mountain chain. And the sequence of events says the ark came ‘to rest’ on the 7th day of the 7th month, then, on the 1st day of the 10th month, the water receded enough for the tops of the mountains to become visible.  Which doesn’t really make much sense, but  makes it sound like the ark would be at the very tippy top of the mountain, which this object is not.

So, yeah, someone might have said that ‘up there by the Ararat mountains there’s this big boat” at some point, and myths might have been written about it. But, we don’t have anything outside of that hypothesis saying that the object was even visible. Or existent.

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2 Comments on “Is the “Durupinar Object” Noah’s Ark?”

  1. Somehow i believed this can be truth. But yeah, the Bible just says “On the mountains of Ararat”, so don’t stay in one place, look in other places, the top of Ararat is the less important place to look. Check other locations.

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