Fungus of Christ Be With You

It’s a miracle! A consecrated host/cracker fell into some water, and it there was, like, some red. You know, like blood. Praise be his name!

A consecrated host that fell to the floor at a South St. Paul church and turned a blood red color is not a miracle, according to Twin Cities archdiocese officials, who said Wednesday the discoloration was instead caused by a fungus

Well, that was a let down. It was just damn nature.

A theology professor once told me that no Catholic has ever thought that the host actually turns into the meat bag body of Jesus Christ. Well, that’s the difference between theology and the beliefs of the masses, I suppose. Catholicism does indeed teach that the host literally turns to the body of Christ. However, they do not teach that it physically turns into the body of Christ. It’s purely a spiritual transformation (the essence vs the accident, blah blah blah. Go read your Aristotle). So, no blood, no red stains, no tough meaty texture is to be expected. I have heard many lay Catholics claim that it does, in fact, turn into flesh. But, it’s not like a life time of going church is going to teach anybody anything.

Cons through out the ages have been perpetrated (see the Eucharist Miracle of Lanciano entry). Some may have been pious frauds, some may have been done to have a a bit of a laugh. All amuse me.

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