Drug Sniffing Dogs

We’re all aware of drug sniffing dogs. Only from the movies and TV, of course. Whenever someone foolishly tries to walk around public land with drugs on them, the dogs are there, signaling drug task forces by barking wildly.

As it turns out, according to an article in the Chicago Tribune, the dogs are correct less than half the time: 44% to be exact. And, if the occupants of the car are Hispanic, it’s even worse: 27% accuracy. While this may look bad, handlers and trainers don’t think we should pay much attention.

‘Dog-handling officers and trainers argue the canine teams’ accuracy shouldn’t be measured in the number of alerts that turn up drugs.’

Need I mention, that not alternative method of determining the dog’s accuracy is offered.

Turns out, there isn’t even any standard the dogs accuracy are held to. But, the dog’s behavior can give what the officers what they are most likely looking for: probably cause.

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