Don’t Forget: End of the World This Sunday!

Don’t  let the Memorial Day weekend make you forget, the world is coming to and end (again) this Sunday (5/27/2012).

Here we go again, folks. On May 27, 2012 the world is fated to end in flames, but it’s not the Mayan calendar that’s predicting it, nor has last year’s failed prophet Harold Camping redone his calculations. No, this time the prediction comes from the divinely-inspired revelations of Ronald Weinland, prophet and leader of the Church of God-PKG(Preparing for the Kingdom of God).

Weinland, who is predicting that “the United States will collapse” and that there will be a nuclear war before May 27th, claims he “is the pastor of God’s Church on earth, has also been appointed by the God of Abraham to be His end-time prophet and one of the two end-time witnesses (and spokesman of both), preceding the return of Jesus Christ on May 27, 2012.”

So, add it to your calendar. There may be no need to make any more potato salad than you can eat before then.

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