So, do I believe in the Hollow Earth?

No. I picked This Hollow Earth as a blog name because I thought it sounded funny. I thought I picked a conspiracy theory that was so far out that nobody took it seriously. I was wrong. There are plenty of web pages out there that appear to be completely serious about it. I have a suspicion that some of them are jokes. Exercises in critical thinking. But, most of them do appear to be legitimate.

Then, What Are You?

I am a Skeptic (of the James Randi/Martin Gardner variety), and an Atheist (which I see to be merely an extension of critical thinking).

2 Comments on “About”

  1. You need to look up Nibiru and its following comet Ison and the affects of what its going to do to the earth and then you might change your mind about coming and believing that Jesus died for your sins on the cross. I just ask you to look it up for yourself and then come up with your own conclusions.

  2. Nikevvfree Says:

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