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UFO’s in Ancient Art

August 23, 2011

Anyone familier with the “History” Channel or In Search of knows that ancient art work gives us some pretty solid evidence that UFOs have visited the earth in the past. Or, do they?

Video is a bit Jesus heavy, but art work in the middle ages was pretty much hall Jesus all the time, so it’s to be expected.

Latest UFO Hoax

August 18, 2011

It’s a pretty good one, though. Crisp and crystal clear. Two fighter jets following a space ship …. really really close.

The Mothership Has Arrived!

June 30, 2011

An alien mothership arives on earth and it JUST HAPPENS to be Glenn Beck’s last day on Fox? I don’t think so. He’s going home.

Book Review: 5/5/2000: Ice the Ultimate Disaster

June 16, 2011

Remember when the world ended in May 2000? Ah, that was fun. Good times, good times. Seriously, though, this book is really really bad. But, kind of fun. Well, a lot of fun. At least it was when I read it back in high school. This is what you did before the ‘History Channel’ started playing all their horrendous pseudo-history docs: you read horrendous pseudo-history books. And trust me, not one single thing in this book makes sense: dinosaurs being used as beasts of burden to build the pyramids, which had giant generators in them, built by aliens that interbred with humans, etc.

I’m pretty sure the book is a joke, actually. I mean, I really don’t think anyone could believe all the stuff in this book and still be capable enough to write a book and get it published. It really throws every crack pot theory under the sun at you, and them some. A google search for the author turned up nothing but this book, so I’m pretty sure it was just a work for hire by an author using a pseudonym. Not sure if the name has a hidden meaning or not. Richard Noone? Dick No-One? Anyway, it is a fun read if you can find a cheap copy and you’re in the mood for some craziness. He should write a sequel: 5/5/2015: No, Really This Time.

This Day in Skeptic History: Betty and Barney Hill

September 19, 2010

On September 19–20, 1961, Betty and Barney Hill became the world’s first couple to be (allegedly, of course) abducted by aliens from outer space. Well, the first one’s that weren’t just outright silly, that is.

All the usual staples of modern day UFO abduction were present; the couple claimed a period of missing time the night of their abduction; hypnosis was used retrieve repressed memories; exam tables; Barney had sperm sample taken.

In a psychiatric examination, Dr Benjamin Simon did conclude that Barney’s memories were merely a fantasy driven by nightmares Betty had been having. The Hills rejected this hypothesis and firmly concluded that they had indeed been abducted by aliens. Barney died in 1969, but Betty Hill did claim further UFO sightings later in life.

Movie Review: Six Days in Roswell

September 14, 2010

If anyone out there has not seen “Six Days in Roswell”, I would highly recommend it. If you like kitsch, that is. It’s a documentary from Roger Nygard the same director that brought us Trekkies and Trekkies 2 (both classics, though I prefer the first one) and will soon be bringing us The Nature of Existence. 6DiR stars none other that Richard Kronfeld the man that built the Captain Pike chair seen in Trekkies and there is footage of him driving it in the Hopkins Raspberry Fesitval Parade!

Kronfeld, it turns out, has always wanted to be abducted by an alien and he finally accepted that, if he wanted to achieve this goal, he would need to go to where the aliens are: Roswell New Mexico during the 50th anniversary of the infamous UFO crash (I can’t tell you how much I wanted to go).

This doc ranks right up there with Pursuit of Excellence: Ferrets, Helvetica, King of Kong, Monster camp (highly recomended), and We Are Wizards.

I will definitely be making it to the Hopkins Raspberry Fesitval Parade next year to see Richard drive the Captain Pike chair.

Brazilian UFOs to be Made Public

August 12, 2010

Yes, it’s the moment the world has been waiting for. Finally, the truth will be revealed:

Brazil has ordered its air force to document any UFO sightings and make the data available to researchers and the public.

Finally, the truth will be known. Since, as we are all aware, the true UFOs have always been in Brazil, this information will be the real deal. Everyone was simply too busy looking at the skimpy swimwear to notice them. So, what could all these amazing UFO sightings be like? My guess is, they’ll look a lot like this. Only in Portuguese.